Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Market To Market

walking through the Union square wednesday farmers' market always reminds me of the saturday marylebone farmer's market in london! it was especially so today where the weather was dreary and there was a slight drizzle.

the lilacs were out in full bloom; just irresistable. it's time to get all popeye too and i've stocked up on my spinach. and apples, apples, apples!

so then i came across this curious thing called fiddleheads. what are they you ask? i can gladly tell you since i picked up a factsheet from the info stand! 'Fiddlehead ferns are new-growth fronds (Fronds?) usually of the ostrich ferm. The name 'fiddlehead' refers to any unfurled fern, not to a specific variety, because of their resemblance to the scroll of a violin.'

it tastes like asparagus with artichoke, should be cooked before eaten and may be bitter or stir some gastric trouble if you don't!

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