Sunday, May 31, 2009

I wasn't Made in China but this is

Wallpaper* Magazine is celebrating China in their current issue, of the 'creative energy carrying China to new heights'.

I was a little thrown off at first when I flicked onto their homepage to find a smattering of simplified Chinese. Lift Off! Made in China! On further investigation this does not seem like an unwelcome concept at all. The might and resources Japan has accumulated over the years have reaped plenty of creative rewards for the country, now not only exporting whitegoods and technology, but everything desirable thing in between from Muji pencil sharpeners to Bape sneakers. I would think with China's aggressive growth rate in their push for both financial and political clout design as a result will not lag behind.

China is a culture born and bred on comparison, ego and saving face, after all!

I imagine my Grandmas would feel a little uncomfortable playing mahjong in this sleek getup (they play together in a little, dingy and badly lit mahjong club in Surry Hills- too cute). Perhaps that is the way of the future for this game though- as opposed to raucous screaming and scheming and erratic clashing of tiles it will become sedated, composed, sophisiticated, to relate how truly intellectual this pastime is (or so my Grandmas tell me). Speaking of which, would there be the possiblity that one day mahjong will be the new poker? the new bridge? Here could be why.

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