Friday, May 29, 2009

Mannequins, Models, Muses and the Met II

I finally got the chance to hit the Met today for the Model as Muse exhibition, and was not overtly disappointed. Although there were hardly surprises, it hit many model as muse landmarks in fashion history. In passing they did mention Monsieur Dior and his stable of in-house models- the cabine, but did not delve into it too much, which I thought would have been fitting (literally and figuratively- hah!) Also, it did not look into particular designer-model relationships, which was one aspect I had been looking forward to exploring at the exhibition. Alaia+Naomi naturally comes to mind, but of course after multiple bouts of controversy and boycotting his designs are of course, sadly, nowhere to be seen.

One big minus is the hair on the mannequins, which are styled, throughout all the time frames, as tackily caked together into whichever glossy form and shape. It may have seemed like a good idea on paper but in practice it looked hurried, messy and unprofessional.

I wonder if the VM folks in Bergdorfs had any say/consulted in the styling of the exhibit? They were certainly impeccable. Perhaps looking up through a glass window makes everything fancier. Though we are talking about the Met!

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