Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To be Raucous

My ramen craving was sated today when I discovered Kenka, an izakaya that (to my knowledge) literally means screaming, shouting and being raucous.

image courtesy of nymag

The food was raucously divine!

I had ramen straight out and the 'world's cheapest draught beer'; lo and behold, my favourite, kirin! Why I had never stepped foot into this place before beats me, because it is right down my alley. The little straw chairs were quaint too, I want one. But I cannot see how a larger man can possibly be comfortable huddled over one; I suppose that is part of the charm.

Eating at an izakaya almost always reminds me of the scene in Miyazaki's 'Spirited Away' where Chihiro's parents eat at a bar, become addicted and promptly transform into pigs.It is a grotesque caricature of our modern day consumerist habits but an accurate one. All things in moderation are generally better eh? Easy to say, but oh so difficult to do.

Case in point: after an okay anmitsu I did end up with a triple chocolate cupcake at Chikalicious... this wednesday has ended in excess!

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