Thursday, May 7, 2009

Celebrating Eva

Today at work, folks decided to celebrate Eva Peron's bday with a vanilla ice cream and cookie dough cake! She would have been 90 today.

What better way to spend 3:30pm-3:50pm. Although I did get very literally showered on on my way to hallmark to get the cake. Happy Birthday Eva! Thanks Eva!

may i add you scrub up much nicer than madonna:

Speaking of Eva's birthday, Eva: I won't forget your birthday this year. That was pretty much one of my new years resolutions!

In the past I have celebrated Monday, the fact that I navigated my car home, the fact that I got lost, the fact I got pickpocketed (with a 1 euro beer bought by 10 a kind gentleman gave me at the police station) the fact that Lewis Hamilton became WORLD CHAMPION.
What are some kooky things you've celebrated?

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