Friday, May 8, 2009

The Allergy Dent

So on exactly 8pm last night i hunkered down with a pot of my earl grey to beginning my studying for an online exam. Which was exactly when my phone sounded and my friend marie called. She had cut off her finger.

off to my first American ER adventure we went!

boy was it deja vu! when i was in london i was at a jazz festival event at the cafe in foyles on charing cross road with blair when i'd suddenly felt oddly faint- so i excused myself for the bathroom. before i was even at the counter to ask i was blacked out on the floor! so they'd taken me to ER- the closest one being UCL- when i'd adamantly said no because I knew the only thing they'd tell me was that i was anaemic and i needed to drink water- which was exactly what happend- but after 3 hours of waiting at putting up with drunk attention seeking bums!

no offense bums. just drunk attention seeking bums who like to hang out in the ER.

but marie's finger was quite something!
in perspective of course it was absolutely nothing, i'm glad she's okay, her finger was like a dali painting. i don't know if it was just me. but it reminded me of something like this:

really, it was just the angle it was obscured at that looked completely like marie's almost-amputated finger. was fascinating!

I tried to encourage to name the dent in which she will inherit from this accident after me but we found a better title: at the waiting room the was a young, street-dressed drunk bum who was making ooooooh awwwww owwwww sounds in pain, sneezes and agony and when the wardens would come he would make a wail about how his poor allergy caused him a blocked nose. he was a hoot. a menacing one at that, but still a hoot. so we have decided to commemorate him by naming marie's scar after the allergy.

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