Thursday, June 18, 2009

Where's the pork in pork and beans?

I found two cans of this stuff in my pantry today, was intrigued so i opened one and was about to put some in my stew. It was only beans.
Why then, is it called pork and beans?
Shouldn't it be called beans- good as part of pork and beans?
Perhaps this is from the point of view of a beguiled non-American, where the notion of having no pork in a can of pork and beans is common knowledge.
I looked at the can and found that pork is indeed in the ingredients- 6th or 7th down the line. Where IS it? I could not see a smidgon of meat in the can- it was only congealed sauce and beans- a parade of addictive sugar and salt.
Up until now for my time so far in the states I have not had a single canned Campbell's product, mac and cheese or maccas, kfc or taco bell; it is not that I look down upon it; it is not snobbery- I simply feel like if I begin to eat like that it would slowly become a complacent addiction- one that I simply cannot get into.

I concede that Popeye's is my vice; it is my monthly guilty pleasure.

All I'm saying is if the labelling on some of the foods here were a little more explicit it could make life for somebody like me who is easily persuaded by labels and pretty fonts to make foolish culinary decisions that I will later regret.

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  1. i so dont get it too... maybe the tomato sauce tastes like pork or something...
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