Wednesday, June 24, 2009

España's humble pie

Spain gets their dose of reality check from a very unlikely team!

This morning when I flipped onto IHT the headline story was about how awesome the Spanish midfielder Xavi is, and he's ability to 'play the game like puppets', as a precursor I suppose to what they would anticipate as an inevitable thrashing in their semifinal against America. Slightly curious about this pocket rocket (there were way too many hobbit references in the article to count) I tuned in just then to watch the match.

Thankfully I was not at the pub.

The score ended up 2-0 alright, but it was to America!
yeh what the!

believe it!
The broadcast was in Hebrew from what I can gather so I was not able to decipher one word, but America most definitely gave Spain, the world #1 team who has been undefeated in 36 matches a good run for its money. The stats all pointed Spain's way but somehow USA were simply able to convert the few shots they were given.

It'd be interesting to see what USA can do come the actual tournament in SA next year. America, the country where it is pretty much good at every sport under the sun except for rugby and football, has now just beaten the world #1 team. Yes they deserve to gloat, if only for a few minutes and one news cycle (doubt). I will also accredit this perhaps to the power of Obama, because it is to me, otherwise inexplicable.

Which is also why, I'm SO EXCITED about USF1 starting on the grid next year!

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