Tuesday, June 30, 2009

garçons de SS10

How futuristic we're talking about 2010's now!
Where are the flying saucer's already!

My favourite show was undeniably Paul Smith's collection, which was merry to the tee; a sensible palette with pops of Paul Smith audacity. The opening legion of suits were undauntingly tailored, comfortable yet sleek, uncontrivedly accessorised. My standout looks were the vinyl trenchcoat and pants in fire engine red, and the cream two tortoiseshell button jacket- perfect for nonchalant layering. The opening number with the db cardigan is chic and achievable for many. Dancing at the bow with Thriller: priceless!

Perhaps it is no coincidence that my favourite collection ever is the SS07 Louis Vuitton W show, which also had a backdrop of clouds.

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  1. how futuristic indeed! who would have known that a decade after the big year 2000 we'd still be driving around in the same cars, living in the same houses and attending the same schools with the same teachers... having said that, it's always good to dream