Monday, June 1, 2009

Fluent Snickers® Speak

On my Chewmute this afternoon while searching for a way to cure my hungerectomy, I came across this unequivocal chewth.

Around a month ago in Marketing class I brought up the new Snickers ad campaign and how much I love it and find it infinitely amusing in which a few of my fashion marketing colleagues scoffed, 'uh, so stupid. Half of them don't even make sense. Would YOU go out and get another snicker bar?'

As a matter of fact, I would.

To be fair, I have always been a big snickers fan. My stomach is enamoured with the nuts and caramel, in just the right size. And it doesn't usually like caramel. Twix just doesn't have the correct proportions. With the introduction of this campaign back in April, my affinity for Snickers grew twofold. It makes me giggle out loud everytime I see one- crossing the street, standing on a platform (What was 'Enjoy your chiiiiumiiiuuuute'? I asked my friend, unawares how my australian accent had completely mutated the funny), across the side of the bus. Yet, if normally sensible girls unlike me would find it stupid, juvenile, unwitty and an insult to their sophisicated intellected, have not Mars done their job? Afterall, I don't imagine myself to be even part of Mars' central demographic; pimply, geeky teenage boys addicted to warcraft? Men who haven't just grown up yet? The Apatow clan, methinks. Neal Rubin from the Detroit Times struggled with the campaign but in the end saw the light; that is, Snickers are merely trying to befriend their target audience.

Can you imagine how much fun they must have had making these up!? They could have been drunk, high, just throwing around ideas and then heckling about it for hours on end. This humour resonates with me- the universal lameness where you just shake your head at but cannot help chuckle a little anyway. Those who restrain from Snickers' omnipresent ticklish billboards are just trying not to let clever marketing and copywriting prevail their uptight and boorish minds; Why not let them win just this once?

I invite everyone to just stop being so serious and just enjoy the lame humour that is Snicker Speak. Live a little. Climb every Mt. Foodji. You don't have to buy a snicker bar if you don't like it (although they are awfully good), just stop shaking your head at them in disgust, okay?

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