Monday, April 12, 2010

To hell with the close button on elevators!!!

The down button on my elevator has zero functionality. The amount of time it takes to close with or without me pressing it is the same - about 8 seconds. Why have it then? To humour me? I think it would be particularly infuriating if i were trying to run away from something. Imagine if I'm having a heated fight with somebody and BAM i leave the apartment and storm into the lift- my fightee angrily following from behind.

'Fine!' he would shout, while I'm jabbing madly at the close button. 'Be that way! Finish all my bacon and Crown Royal!'
By which the door should have closed and I would have shut him up except if you live in my building I'll still be standing there and  we may have possibly reconciled before the door closed.

Here is an efficient lift my lift could learn from:

This one not so much...

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